Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman writes about Southeast Michigan, history and civil rights for the Michigan Advance.

UAW reaches tentative pact with General Motors, the last Detroit Three holdout

By: and - October 31, 2023

The United Auto Workers on Monday reached a tentative contract agreement with General Motors on day 46 of the strike. The announcement follows previous UAW tentative pacts with the other Detroit Three automakers, Ford Motor Co. and Stellantis, which were announced on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively. The union went on strike on Sept.15. “Once again, […]

President Biden speaks into a megaphone to striking workers

‘We won things nobody thought possible’: UAW reaches tentative deal with Ford

By: - October 26, 2023

The United Auto Workers (UAW) said on Wednesday night that the union has a potential deal with Ford Motor Co. to end the strike against the automaker after 41 days on strike against the Detroit Three — which also includes General Motors and Stellantis. The agreement includes a 25% wage increase over 4.5 years, starting […]