Mildred Robertson


So you’re thinking about not bothering to vote…

By: - October 26, 2022

Well, it’s decision time folks. The end to early voting for the 2022 Midterms is fast approaching and the November 8th election looms large. There are weighty decisions that Americans must make this November, and every one of us will be making one whether we choose to make our way to the voting booth, or […]


Don’t play into Trump’s voter suppression scheme: Complete the census

By: - August 20, 2020

As Americans struggle with the COVID-19 outbreak, attacks on our democracy by a sitting president, racial unrest, the militarization of law enforcement, and gridlocked legislative bodies, many do not have time to think about how the next 10 years will play out in American democracy. But we must. You see, in 2020 America must collect […]