Steven K. McCallister

Liberty, equality and democracy are under siege in North Carolina

By: - March 17, 2017

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore recently spoke out against non-partisan redistricting, suggesting that if we are unhappy with our legislators we can just vote them out. Aside from the absurdity of suggesting that the solution to rigged elections is more rigged elections, what is most remarkable is that Moore himself sponsored non-partisan redistricting bills four times in the past, including a bill to amend the North Carolina Constitution – an extraordinary testament to the need for redistricting reform.

Getting to the bottom of NC’s gerrymandering crisis

By: - February 21, 2017

Our gerrymandering crisis isn’t just philosophical – “politicians choosing voters instead of voters choosing politicians.” Rather, it’s practical – gerrymandering is election rigging; certain votes “count” more than others through gerrymandering. That’s because the value of a vote lies not in the mere ritual of casting it, but in the equal opportunity for each vote to confer political power. The principle “one person, one vote” encapsulates democracy’s central promise of equality at the polls.