Senator Natasha Marcus weighs in on the state budget, Medicaid expansion and casino gambling

BY: - September 25, 2023

After an extended period of inactivity that’s left the state without a new budget for the first quarter of the new fiscal year, the state legislature kicked things into high gear last week passing a $30 billion budget and a series of lengthy, momentous, and controversial proposals. The sudden deluge of contentious ideas — most […]

North Carolina Budget & Tax Center director Alexandra Sirota on the latest poverty data

BY: - September 25, 2023

One of the very few silver linings to accompany the COVID-19 pandemic was a significant decline in American child poverty. Thanks to various relief initiatives and, most notably, the expansion of the federal child tax credit that the Biden administration championed, poverty numbers fell significantly for a time as the federal government provided what was, […]

Reporter Joe Killian on the effort by Republican lawmakers to remake our public universities

BY: - September 25, 2023

For several years now, North Carolina’s Republican-dominated state legislature has been pursuing a determined effort to overhaul the state’s university system. Whether it’s the makeup of the boards and chancellors that oversee the system and its various campuses, or the actual academic programs the campuses house and the professors they hire and fire, conservative politicians […]


National report highlights the cruelty of Treasurer Dale Folwell and the state health plan

BY: - September 19, 2023

Read the ProPublica article here.