Radio Interviews

Catawba College political scientist Michael Bitzer on the ripple effect of the Trump indictments

BY: - August 14, 2023

We are still in the dog days of summer 2023, but don’t look now – the 2024 presidential campaign is already underway. At last count, more than a dozen Republican candidates are attempting to unseat Donald Trump as the party’s standard bearer in hopes of taking on President Joe Biden next fall. And even as […]

Newsline reporter Greg Childress on the start of the new school year and the rise in book banning

BY: - August 14, 2023

We’re now six weeks into North Carolina’s new state fiscal year and across the state, public school students and teachers are preparing to return to class. Indeed, in some schools, they’re already back. Unfortunately, neither of these facts has served to spur Republican state legislative leaders to come to an agreement on a new state […]

A trio of Duke University experts discuss this summer’s extraordinary and deadly heat waves

BY: - August 14, 2023

Heat, humidity and the quest for air conditioning are a part of every summer in most places. But a trio of researchers from Duke University believe this summer should also be a wake-up call for many Americans. Ashley Ward and Jordan Clark of the Heat Policy Innovation Hub at Duke University are joined by Emergency […]

Congresswoman Valerie Foushee on her efforts to combat gun violence and strengthen fair elections

BY: - August 7, 2023

The dog days of summer and the traditional August congressional recess have both arrived, but that isn’t preventing some lawmakers from continuing to work hard on an array of important issues that confront the nation. One of those lawmakers is North Carolina Fourth District Congresswoman Valerie Foushee. Recently NC Newsline caught up with Foushee and […]

Sen. Graig Meyer on the MVP pipeline dispute and the need for a sustainable energy future

BY: - August 7, 2023

For several years now, fossil fuel interests have been attempting to construct a pipeline that would transport fracked natural gas from West Virginia, down through Virginia, and possibly into North Carolina. And as NC Newsline has reported in depth, the Mountain Valley Pipeline (and the proposed North Carolina extension known as MVP Southgate) raise a […]

NC Child Executive Director Erica Palmer Smith on addressing the state’s ongoing childcare crisis

BY: - August 7, 2023

One of the most helpful steps taken by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic was the provision of aid to the nation’s childcare providers so that at least a significant percentage of them could remain in business. With federal aid now winding down and employers having trouble filling jobs throughout the economy, however, it’s […]

Rep. Julie von Haefen on affordable childcare, budget talks and GOP bills targeting LGBTQ kids

BY: - July 31, 2023

For the past several weeks things have gone quiet at the North Carolina General Assembly. The 2023 session isn’t over – far from it – but, as NC Newsline learned recently in special two-part conversation with Wake County State Rep. Julie von Haefen, the decisions about when the House and Senate will finalize the budget […]

Billy Corriher of People’s Parity Project Action on the report: The People v. Corporate America

BY: - July 31, 2023

A recent report documents some interesting and worrisome findings about the North Carolina Supreme Court. The group People’s Parity Project Action looked at scores of state Supreme Court rulings over a period of several years in cases in which individuals sued corporations and employers. Their central finding: an extended record of defeat for average citizens […]

NCAE President Tamika Walker Kelly on the impact of the delayed state budget

BY: - July 24, 2023

Year-round schools are back in session and traditional calendar schools are opening in just a few short weeks. Over at the NC General Assembly, however, lawmakers have yet to turn in their homework – a state budget. The result: great uncertainty for administrators seeking to gear up for the new year – particularly in addressing […]

NC Budget & Tax Center executive director Alexandra Sirota on the legislature’s budget battles

BY: - July 24, 2023

Over the last 12-plus years of Republican rule at the General Assembly, North Carolina’s state fiscal system has been almost completely overhauled. Thanks to a combination of big, repeated, and regressive tax and spending cuts, public investments in core public services and structures like education have fallen dramatically while the taxes paid by wealthy individuals […]

Pro Choice North Carolina director Tara Romano on the rollout of NC’s restrictive new abortion law

BY: - July 24, 2023

North Carolina’s new and restrictive abortion law took effect July first and it bans almost all abortions after 12 weeks gestation and imposes enormous new burdens on women and healthcare providers from the moment of conception. In an effort to further understand the impact the new law has had since it was implemented, NC Newsline […]

Congresswoman Kathy Manning on NC’s business climate and reproductive healthcare

BY: - July 17, 2023

There’s a widespread perception in many circles these days that Washington has become a city completely paralyzed by political gridlock. As NC Newsline was reminded, however, in a recent conversation with North Carolina Sixth District Congresswoman, Kathy Manning, in many areas, this is actually not the case. Indeed, as Manning reported, she’s succeeded in recent […]