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Monday numbers: A closer look at the state’s impaired, polluted waters

BY: - January 31, 2022

If you linked all the miles of impaired streams and rivers in North Carolina end to end, they would extend from the mountains to the sea four times. Add the total acreage of the state's impaired lakes, reservoirs and estuaries, and the breadth would equal nearly 2,000 golf courses.

More than 1,200 new miles of NC rivers, streams proposed for impaired waters list

BY: - January 17, 2019

? The draft impaired waters list is open for public comment through tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 18. Comments can be emailed to [email protected] North Carolina has more miles of impaired waters than two years ago, with the White Oak, Neuse and Cape Fear River basins in the eastern part of the state facing significant water quality problems. Nearly […]

This Week in Pollution: DEQ, enviro commission still squabbling with EPA over impaired waters list

BY: - March 10, 2017

The Environmental Management Commission squeezed its denunciation of an EPA decision from six pages into two, but the message to the feds remained the same: You’re wrong. For several months, the EMC, in concert with the NC Department of Environmental Quality, have been squabbling with the EPA over the scientifically sound way to determine if a body of water […]