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a photo of the L. Richardson Preyer Federal Courthouse

Federal judge blocks two provisions in NC’s new abortion law

BY: - September 30, 2023

A federal judge blocked provisions of the state’s new abortion law dealing with abortion pills and procedures in clinics. US District Court Judge Catherine Eagles, in an order issued Saturday, said that provisions preventing doctors from prescribing abortion pills in the early weeks of pregnancy and requiring abortions after 12 weeks be performed in hospitals […]

a photo of the L. Richardson Preyer Federal Courthouse

North Carolina’s new abortion law is back in federal court

BY: - September 26, 2023

Under the state’s new abortion law, doctors are not allowed to prescribe abortion pills before a patient’s embryo is visible on an ultrasound, which happens at about five or six weeks.   Planned Parenthood South Atlantic and Dr. Beverly Gray, a Duke OB-GYN, are asking a federal court judge to put a freeze on that provision […]

Ultrasound documentation requirement for abortion pills will remain on hold

BY: - July 10, 2023

The court-ordered freeze on a section of North Carolina’s new abortion law will remain in place  to allow more time for more written arguments.  The initial, 14-day freeze on the requirement that doctors prescribing abortion pills confirm that fertilized eggs had implanted in the uterus was set to expire this week. Most sections of the […]

Abortion pills

NC Republicans spring surprise changes to the new abortion law following a legal challenge

BY: - June 22, 2023

Senate Republicans voted to change the new North Carolina law banning most abortions after 12 weeks following a legal challenge by abortion providers.  Planned Parenthood South Atlantic and a Duke University Ob/Gyn sued last week over inconsistencies in the abortion law and a provision they contend may violate the First Amendment.  The law restricting abortion […]

Gov. Roy Cooper

Crowd cheers Gov. Roy Cooper as he vetoes abortion ban

BY: - May 13, 2023

A crowd cheered Gov. Roy Cooper as he vetoed a Republican-authored abortion ban in an unusual rally that capped off a week of attempts to pressure a small group of GOP legislators into letting the veto stand.  Some bills are signed in public ceremonies, but bill vetoes don’t usually draw enthusiastic audiences. For Senate Bill […]

Republican bill banning most abortions in NC after 12 weeks heads to Gov. Roy Cooper

BY: - May 4, 2023

A Republican bill banning most abortions in North Carolina after 12 weeks of pregnancy won Senate approval in a 29-20, party-line vote Thursday. The state House passed the bill late Wednesday night, so it will soon land on Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk. Cooper, a Democrat, has said he will veto the measure. The bill will […]

People lined up at the North Carolina Legislative Building

NC Republican abortion bill creates new hurdles throughout pregnancy

BY: - May 3, 2023

The new abortion restrictions that North Carolina Republican lawmakers are ready to adopt are more complicated than the post-12-week ban they described at a news conference Tuesday evening.  The bill also imposes new restrictions on access for people who seek abortions throughout their pregnancies, including those who use abortion pills. New licensing requirements for abortion […]

Abortion pills

As future of abortion pill is weighed, Democrats in Congress see little they can do

BY: - April 5, 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senate Democrats appear lukewarm about pursuing reproductive rights legislation in a divided Congress, even as a federal judge in Texas considers overturning access to abortion pills nationwide. Interviews by States Newsroom with Democrats who control the Senate by a narrow margin found little optimism they could counter a ruling that could potentially […]