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Gov. Roy Cooper signs the state Medicaid expansion law while surrounded by supporters

Medicaid expansion will prove extremely valuable in the fight against cancer

BY: - December 1, 2023

December 1 is a monumental day for North Carolina. The Tar Heel State should feel a sense of pride and relief for the nearly 600,000 North Carolinians who are now eligible for affordable health insurance through Medicaid. We at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) are thrilled to see this decade-long fight […]

A headshot of Kody Kinsley, secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services. (Photo: DHHS)

Health and Human Services Sec. Kody Kinsley discusses the upcoming Dec. 1st expansion of Medicaid

BY: - November 27, 2023

In a special two-part conversation, NC Newsline chats with North Carolina state Health and Human Services Secretary Kody Kinsley about the upcoming December 1st expansion of Medicaid, how it will work, and what it will mean for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.

a bus with the words "Lower Costs Better Care" on the side sits in Times Square, New York City

Expanding affordable health care in North Carolina

BY: - August 31, 2023

Just over a year ago, the Inflation Reduction Act became law. And now, I’m thrilled to be traveling coast-to-coast on a national bus tour with Protect Our Care to celebrate that achievement, and to share the news about all the changes to our health care system in the past few years under the Biden administration. […]

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Thousands face Medicaid whiplash in South Dakota and North Carolina

BY: - May 22, 2023

This story was first published by KFF Health News. Until recently, Jonathon Murray relied on Medicaid to pay for treatments for multiple health conditions, including chronic insomnia. Murray, a 20-year-old restaurant worker from the college town of Brookings, South Dakota, said that without his medication, he would stay awake for several nights in a row. […]

DACA demonstrators

DACA recipients to gain health coverage under new plan from Biden administration

BY: - April 13, 2023

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will direct his administration to allow undocumented people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to enroll in Medicaid or private insurance provided under the Affordable Care Act. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will issue a proposed rule on the policy by […]

U.S. judge rules insurers don’t have to cover many free preventive health services

BY: - March 30, 2023

[This story has been updated.] WASHINGTON — Health insurance companies may no longer need to cover a wide swath of preventive health care services that were required by the 2010 Affordable Care Act, under a federal judge’s ruling issued Thursday in Texas. The decision could affect millions of Americans’ access to no-cost preventive health care […]


John Cole: The Medicaid expansion blockade continues

BY: - August 23, 2022

[Editor’s note: In case you missed it, NC Policy Watch editorial cartoonist John Cole crafted an insightful bonus cartoon this week that neatly sums up the maddening state of affairs at the North Carolina General Assembly, where the excuses for not expanding the state’s Medicaid program to provide coverage to hundreds of thousands of uninsured […]


Lives hang in the balance as time runs out for action on health insurance

BY: - July 25, 2022

Five years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Yet I’m the lucky one. I could afford to get treatment. Too many people in America don’t have the health care they need, even today. The 2021 American Rescue Plan included subsidies to make health insurance more affordable than ever, resulting in a record-breaking […]

On an important anniversary, sound advice for North Carolina from a conservative Republican

BY: - March 22, 2022

Sometimes, when discussing important topics of public policy, it’s useful to dispense with all the talk of data and budgets and legal fine print and get down to what really matters: the impact on human beings. To his great credit, that’s what the former governor of Ohio, Republican John Kasich, did recently when he testified before a North Carolina legislative committee.


National philanthropic groups condemn NC’s failure to expand Medicaid as “unconscionable”

BY: - September 16, 2021

Groups call on Congress to act where recalcitrant states are failing The following statement was issued yesterday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on behalf of an array of signatory nonprofits: Princeton, N.J.—As nonprofit and philanthropic organizations devoted to improving health and health equity, dismantling structural racism, and advancing social justice, we strongly support Congress […]

The Supreme Court could strike down Obamacare. Here’s what’s at stake.

BY: - November 10, 2020

WASHINGTON— The fate of the sweeping 2010 health care law known as Obamacare is again in limbo, with the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday scheduled to hear arguments over whether the statute should be overturned. States are at the heart of the case; nearly every one has made an argument about why the Affordable Care Act, as it's officially titled, should be kept or struck down.