Americans with Disabilities Act

a child's onesie hangs on a clothesline in front of the Capitol with the words "PWF Mommy needs her job" written on it

Pregnant workers have new protections. Here’s what to expect from your boss.

BY: - August 25, 2023

Almost two months after workplace accommodations for pregnant workers became law, the rules surrounding what employers can and cannot do have yet to be finalized — but that doesn’t mean the protections are not in place. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s proposed regulations are expected to offer more clarity once finalized, but workers can still […]

Feds file court motion in attempt to make NC comply with mental health services agreement

BY: - January 14, 2017

Attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice filed a motion last week in federal court to enforce a 2012 settlement agreement with the state of North Carolina, alleging it failed to comply with requirements by not providing enough community-based housing to adults with serious mental illnesses. The agreement required the state to provide 1,166 community-based supportive housing slots […]

Federal judge: Discrimination suit against DMV can continue

BY: - August 22, 2014

There have been several important court decisions of late so you may have missed an important one that came out this week. On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle denied the state’s motion to dismiss an important lawsuit challenging discriminatory practices by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles in the treatment of people […]

DHHS to close three offices for at-risk babies and toddlers, eliminating 173 jobs

BY: - February 17, 2014

The state health agency plans to close three Eastern North Carolina offices that provide services for developmentally disabled infants and toddlers, a move that will eliminate an estimated 170 state jobs by July. Documents obtained by N.C. Policy Watch show that budget cuts prompted the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services’ Early Intervention Program […]

US Department of Justice rules state voucher programs may not discriminate against students with disabilities

BY: - May 3, 2013

In a letter released this week, the U.S. Department of Justice affirmed that Wisconsin must ensure that students with disabilities who seek to attend or are currently enrolled in private schools through the state’s taxpayer-funded voucher program “do not encounter discrimination on the basis of their disabilities.” Hat tip to Diane Ravitch for highlighting this […]

Judge orders halt to state cuts in services to people with disabilities

BY: - December 8, 2011

Someday, let’s hope our state progresses to the point at which advocates for low-income disabled people no longer have to take state officals to court to get orders like this one that was issued today by conservative Republican Terrence Boyle.

More heat on Guv to do the right thing with adult care homes

BY: - December 1, 2011

In case you missed it, a wide array of North Carolina advocates signed on to a letter yesterday from the Washington, DC-based Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law. The letter urges Governor Perdue to address the state’s ongoing violation of federal law in its treatment of thousands of people with mental illness by warehousing them […]