Voters line up to vote.

Elections changes giving NC legislators more power move back to the forefront

BY: - September 13, 2023

Republicans’ multi-tiered reconstruction of elections in North Carolina moved ahead Wednesday with House committee approval of a bill remaking state and local elections administration that opponents see as a path toward reduced early voting and gridlock.  The bill takes away the governor’s power to appoint members to the State Board of Elections and gives it […]


Fair to the finish

BY: - August 21, 2023

NC Republicans vote to shorten the absentee ballot deadline because they are mad at the Attorney General

BY: - June 17, 2021

Senate Republicans approved a bill Wednesday evening that shortens the deadline for mail-in ballots to arrive at county elections offices because, in part, they are mad at Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein and the state Board of Elections executive director. It all goes back to a lawsuit settlement last September that included an agreement to […]

‘There’s no integrity in it.’ Voting-rights advocates denounce NC elections legislation

BY: - June 14, 2021

Voting-rights advocates denounced moves in the legislature they said would put ballots at risk of not being counted and counties at risk of not having enough money to run elections. “As we’re seeing across the country this year, hundreds of bills that chip away at voter access are being advanced at an alarming rate,” said […]

Board of Elections meets today to decide on voter system certification

BY: - August 23, 2019

The North Carolina Board of Elections will meet later today to consider adding stricter requirements to the voter certification program before deciding which systems to certify. Voting rights advocates and advocacy groups, along with hundreds of voters have spent weeks urging the State Board to adopt the stricter requirement: “An electronically assisted marking device or […]