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Demographic shifts, historical revisionism fueling Christian nationalist push among conservatives

BY: - October 28, 2022

This week, Policy Watch published a report on the Christian nationalism animating The American Renewal Project, a conservative evangelical group working closely with the N.C. Republican party to promote GOP candidates and recruit pastors to run for office. The group, which rejects the concept of a separation between church and state, seeks to make its […]

North Carolina Republican leaders embrace Christian nationalism

BY: - October 26, 2022

Conservative pastors, political allies aim to tear down any wall between church and state When Pastor Ken Graves took the podium at Calvary Chapel Lake Norman in Statesville last month, he cut an imposing figure. Dressed in jeans and heavy boots, the sleeves of his work shirt rolled up to reveal the large tattoos on his massive forearms, he wore a leather holster on his belt.

PW special report: Religious conservatives showcase close bond with NC Republican leaders

BY: - October 19, 2022

Recent church-based events test IRS rules, court allegations of Christian nationalism   Gary Miller has a story he likes to tell about religion and politics. When serving as pastor of a church years ago, he was frustrated by how long it took to get a building permit. So he ran for city council - and lost by one vote. “I came back to my people Sunday morning,” Miller told a crowd earlier this month at Cross Assembly church in Raleigh. “And I said, ‘I’d like for everyone who voted for me to please stand’. And those that remained seated, I handed out voter registration cards.”

GOP pols Robinson, Walker, Cawthorn align themselves with movement seeking to end to separation of church and state

BY: - October 7, 2021

Lt. Governor offers to pay for departure of those who deny the U.S. is a “Christian nation” The American Renewal Project – and its state arm, the North Carolina Renewal Project – provides a pipeline for conservative politicians to reach highly motivated Christian voters and activists on the political right. The group rejects the notion […]


Say what? GOP senator tries to interrogate Biden nominee from NC on whether he believes in God

BY: - August 2, 2021

The first 10 words of the very first amendment to the United States Constitution that all members of Congress are sworn to uphold reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” Unfortunately, it’s become increasingly clear in recent decades that large swaths of the modern political right don’t take that prohibition very […]


Editorial, responsible religious leaders: Rushing back to church was and is a mistake (Video)

BY: - May 25, 2020

In case you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out the Sunday lead editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal entitled “A prayer for judgment.” In it, the paper rightfully critiques a recent federal court decision allowing churches to again hold large, indoor services as the pandemic continues to rage. In the ruling, Judge James Dever […]


Weekend humor from Celia Rivenbark: Trump’s taxpayer-paid televangelist

BY: - November 23, 2019

On this week’s episode of “The Righteous Trumpstones,” prosperity preachin’ proponent and Florida televangelist Paula White has been hired by the man himself to work in the White House, amen. Trump’s spiritual advisor ever since he cannily realized he needed one to get elected (and to prevent future embarrassing “two Corinthian” slip-ups), will be taxpayer-paid […]

Watchdog nonprofit files detailed complaint regarding misconduct of NC anti-abortion outfit

BY: - March 21, 2019

In case you missed it yesterday, the good people at the Washington, DC-based watchdog group, the Campaign for Accountability filed a 93-page complaint with North Carolina officials regarding what it alleges to be the unlawful activities of an anti-abortion group that has received significant state funding. Of course, the problems caused by so-called “crisis pregnancy […]


Today’s “must read” op-ed: Gene Nichol on our pro-Christian government

BY: - February 22, 2019

UNC law professor Gene Nichol hits another one out of the park today in a News & Observer column blasting our ongoing state and national slide toward Christian theocracy.  The column was spurred in part by the recent action of state lawmakers to decline to allow ABC stores to open on Sundays and the statement […]


More details on Kavanaugh’s frightening record on church-state issues

BY: - July 11, 2018

If you still harbor any doubts about the kind of threat Brett Kavanaugh poses to some basic American freedoms, be sure to check out Andrew Seidel’s article at Think Progress entitled “How Kavanaugh will use religion to turn back the clock: Trump’s Supreme Court pick will be motivated by ideology, not reason. And his record […]


Christian leader to state lawmakers: No more mottos

BY: - May 31, 2018

Hours after teachers marched on Raleigh to talk about funding needs for their schools, their students, and, yes, even themselves, a bill (House Bill 965) was introduced in the General Assembly to place mottos, national (“In God We Trust”) and state (“Esse quam videri”—”To Be Rather Than to Seem”), on the walls of our public […]


Budget bill’s appropriation to religious group appears to violate First Amendment

BY: - May 30, 2018

The question of whether public appropriations to religious groups in order for those groups to perform public functions is a complex one. There is a strong argument to be made that it’s simply wrong and unconstitutional for public dollars to flow to sectarian institutions for any purpose given the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. […]