A map hows the private drinking water wells that have been sampled near the Sampson County landfill near the Snow Hill community. The six red dots indicate wells with PFAS levels above the EPA's proposed drinking water standards. Yellow dots signify PFAS were detected but not above those proposed standards. Green means no PFAS were detected. There are two old unlined landfills and a lined operating landfill in this community along Highway 24 in Roseboro.

Homes near Sampson County landfill on bottled water after PFAS detections

BY: - November 17, 2023

Sampson County residents who want the state to sample their drinking water well can call 919-707-8200. Six households in Snow Hill, a predominantly Black community in Sampson County, are receiving bottled water from the state after sampling showed their drinking water wells contained elevated levels of toxic PFAS. While five of these homes are near […]

An aerial photo of semi trucks dumping garbage at the Sampson County landfill.

DEQ sampling drinking water wells near Sampson County landfill for PFAS

BY: - October 26, 2023

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality is sampling private wells near the Sampson County landfill to assess potential PFAS contamination in the drinking water, a DEQ spokesperson has confirmed. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration announced it is awarding $1 million to the state health department to address private well contamination throughout Sampson County. Residents whose wells […]

Gov. Roy Cooper signs a document at a desk outside the Governor's Mansion

Gov. Cooper issues environmental justice order, says it will “last beyond this administration”

BY: - October 25, 2023

Every year, the 6,000 people who live adjacent to the Port of Wilmington, in New Hanover County, are assaulted with hundreds of tons of air pollution: from the concrete plants spewing their ultra-fine dust, the fumigation facilities legally emitting neurotoxins like methyl bromide and phosphine, the ships and trains and tractor-trailers exhaling plumes of diesel […]

An aerial photo of semi trucks dumping garbage at the Sampson County landfill.

Sampson County residents tell DEQ to deny landfill gas permit because it lacks key details

BY: - June 29, 2023

A pack of people carrying signs congregated near the entrance to Clinton City Hall, bewildered by an admonition they had never seen at a state public hearing before. “No signs or posters” “No protesting or demonstrating” “No talking or shouting over recognized speakers” “Thank you for your cooperation.” The NC Department of Environmental Quality was […]

EPA asks for feedback on shipping waste to Sampson County, then admits it’s been doing just that — since 2017.

BY: - March 20, 2023

The stench punched them in the face. People scurried across the parking lot of the Snow Hill Missionary Baptist Church, trying to escape the clammy miasma that had descended over the neighborhood. “It’s the landfill,” neighbors told the newcomers. “Some days we can’t even sit on our front porch.” The Sampson County landfill, operated by […]