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Natural gas gets a pass in new bill to further curb local government authority

BY: - March 17, 2021

A bill before the legislature would give preferential treatment to the natural gas industry, which has embarked on a nationwide push to force local governments to keep using the fossil fuel. House Bill 220 would prohibit cities and counties in North Carolina from adopting ordinances to limit the expansion of (or connections to) natural gas service. The measure's primary sponsors are Reps. Dean Arp, John Szoka, Charles Miller and Jason Saine, all Republicans.


10 environmental fiascos that broke the FUBAR meter this year

BY: - December 29, 2016

Environmental reporting in 2016 was like shooting two-headed fish in a toxic waste barrel: It’s tough to miss. With just three days left in the year, this is an occasion for the airing of environmental grievances. For the sake of time, we had to limit ourselves to 10.   The saga of coal ash Two […]