Fayetteville Works

An aerial view of the Chemours plant

Chemours plans to expand its Fayetteville Works site, but hasn’t cleaned up existing contamination

BY: - September 22, 2022

Chemours – the billion-dollar company responsible for contaminating the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of people in the Lower Cape Fear River Basin, the company that is challenging the EPA’s scientific findings that GenX is toxic, the company that after 28 months has yet to submit a revised corrective action plan to clean up polluted groundwater...

Chemours plans to expand its Fayetteville Works site, public info sessions scheduled

BY: - September 6, 2022

Chemours plans to expand its Fayetteville Works plant in northern Bladen County, where the company would ramp up production of PFA, a type of perfluorinated compound. PFA belongs to the larger family of perfluorinated compounds, of which there are at least 10,000. They are known to be toxic in drinking water; many, including PFOA, PFOS […]

Chemours appealing EPA’s stricter health advisory goal for GenX

BY: - July 13, 2022

Chemours announced today it has filed a legal challenge to the EPA’s new health advisory goal for GenX, a type of toxic perfluorinated compound, alleging the agency’s decision is not grounded in the best available science. Chemours petitioned the Third Circuit Court for a review. The court covers New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as […]

Two class action lawsuits, representing thousands of North Carolinians, filed vs Chemours over PFAS contamination

BY: - October 20, 2020

Thousands of people in North Carolina are suing Chemours and several employees, alleging they knew releases of toxic PFAS — perfluorinated compounds — from its Fayetteville Works plant were contaminating properties and drinking water supplies. Filed in Bladen County, the two class action lawsuits name Chemours and its related companies, DuPont and Corteva, as well as […]

Chemours throws DuPont under the bus, alleges company chose to discharge PFAS into the Cape Fear River

BY: - July 1, 2019

Spinoff company's bombshell court filings say DuPont used cutthroat methods to dodge costs of cleaning up dangerous chemicals DuPont could have permanently stopped discharging perfluorinated compounds – PFAS – from its Fayetteville Works plant into the Cape Fear River nine years ago, but decided against it in order to foist the liability onto a spinoff company, court documents allege.

Chemours reported two small spills of GenX at its Fayetteville plant

BY: - January 23, 2018

Within about a month, Chemours reported two spills of GenX-contaminated wastewater at its Fayetteville Works plant  — in one case, because of human error. The first spill occurred on Saturday, Dec. 9, when effluent from a Cell Lab unexpectedly overflowed and leaked onto rocks and soil, according to Chemour, which reported the incident a Dec. […]