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Literacy tests are still in the North Carolina constitution. Lawmakers want to change that.

BY: - February 27, 2023

Legislators have raised a bill that would repeal the literacy test requirement as a condition to vote in North Carolina, provided voters approve the constitutional amendment in a future election. The use of literacy tests is not enforceable because of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, but they are still a part of the North […]

Bipartisan bill to remove Jim Crow-era literacy tests from NC constitution advances in state House

BY: - June 17, 2021

A bill in the N.C. House would put Jim-Crow era literacy tests, designed to disenfranchise Black voters, on the 2022 ballot, giving voters the chance to remove this provision from the state constitution.  The bill, H.B. 337, has bipartisan support, with two Democrats and two Republicans as its primary sponsors.  Article VI Section 4 of […]