Mayo plant

Duke Energy says it will fully excavate coal ash from unlined ponds, but that won’t fix the legacy of contamination

BY: - February 10, 2020

Tonight is the first public meeting on historic closure plans of Duke Energy's unlined coal ash basins. The modern history of Duke Energy in North Carolina pivots on a single day: Feb. 2, 2014. On that Sunday afternoon, a pipe collapsed at the utility's coal-fired power plant in Eden...

Loopholes in the draft coal ash landfill rules; two public hearings scheduled this week

BY: - February 19, 2018

The public hearing started with an apology and without many members of the public. Only four days before, the NC Department of Environmental Quality had published a notice on its website that it would hold the first hearing on 89 pages of draft rules governing coal ash landfills. It wasn’t surprising then that the seats […]