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We looked to the Supreme Court to protect our rights; now, it is taking them away

BY: - June 27, 2022

The United States of America is no longer a free country. Women are no longer full citizens with equal rights. The theocracy also known as the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that our bodies don’t belong to us. Anyone who is or can become pregnant will be a ward of the state, captive of a misogynist minority.

GOP pols Robinson, Walker, Cawthorn align themselves with movement seeking to end to separation of church and state

BY: - October 7, 2021

Lt. Governor offers to pay for departure of those who deny the U.S. is a “Christian nation” The American Renewal Project – and its state arm, the North Carolina Renewal Project – provides a pipeline for conservative politicians to reach highly motivated Christian voters and activists on the political right. The group rejects the notion […]


It was America’s ‘forgotten war,’ but we can’t forget the girls and women of Afghanistan

BY: - September 9, 2021

It’s been just over a week since the last U.S. troops flew out of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan, ending our 20-year war with the Taliban. It was the longest war in U.S. history — some called it “America’s forgotten war” — but the 24-hour news cycle has already turned its attention to other stories...