Restart schools

Controversial Republican-backed school-reform model on target to be phased out

BY: - July 22, 2021

The Innovative School District (ISD), a Republican-backed school reform model that has failed to produce results, could be phased out in two years.  A provision tucked inside the state Senate's proposed 2021-2023 budget calls for North Carolina to “Transition from the Innovative School District Model” and end plans to select additional schools for the district.

Given the flexibility of charters, Restart schools and their students seem to be improving

BY: - November 25, 2020

Two-thirds of 107 schools in North Carolina met or exceeded academic growth goals Granville County Schools is embroiled in a fierce competition for students, and the is district losing.  Over 10 years, more than 1,700 students have left the district for the promise of more opportunities at competing charter schools. Families are transferring their children because the district has fallen off academically, […]

State Board of Education okays Carver Heights “restart” without controversial private takeover

BY: - January 11, 2019

Without comment, the State Board of Education on Thursday approved a “restart application” that allows Carver Heights Elementary School to avoid a state takeover. Under the “restart” school reform model, the struggling Wayne County school will be given “charter-like” flexibility to operate, meaning it will be free of some of the rules and regulations that […]

After backlash, North Carolina lawmakers give a reprieve to school targeted for takeover

BY: - December 14, 2018

After a swift backlash, North Carolina legislators approved a handful of changes to state law Thursday that would offer a reprieve to one struggling Wayne County elementary targeted for takeover by the Innovative School District. The changes emerged from a conference report on a technical corrections bill approved Thursday by House and Senate lawmakers. The […]

New North Carolina law allows charter flexibility for entire school district

BY: - July 6, 2018

A new North Carolina law offers an entire school district the kind of flexibility that’s currently available to the state’s charters, WUNC reports.  The station notes that the new state law—creating a so-called “Renewal School System”—will impact schools in the Rowan-Salisbury Schools district. Last year, the district counted 16 of its 35 school already participating […]