Paper with The Freedom of Information Act FOIA on a table

Worries over secrecy grow as state officials shield records from the public

BY: - November 20, 2023

Just weeks after lawmakers in Little Rock passed legislation shielding certain state records from public disclosure, opponents launched an effort to amend the Arkansas Constitution to protect access to government documents. “The coalition that’s coming together on this is about as broadly bipartisan as you could get — from the extreme, extreme right to the […]

North Carolina General Assembly (File Photo)

NC GOP lawmakers betray a surprising lack of confidence

BY: - September 26, 2023

North Carolina Republican legislators have rarely, if ever, been in a stronger position. Their leaders — Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore — have a combined 23 terms of legislative experience and political chits upon which to draw, millions of dollars in campaign cash and dark money at their disposal, […]


The Public’s Right to No

BY: - September 25, 2023


BREAKING: Cooper vetoes two more lame duck session bills

BY: - December 21, 2018

Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed two more bills passed during the General Assembly’s lame duck session that sought to package highly controversial law changes with other noncontroversial and even essential legislation. The first, which was explained earlier this week by Policy Watch reporter Melissa Boughton, would dramatically increase the secrecy of state Board of Elections […]


Cooper should stick to his guns on latest GOP election law scam

BY: - December 19, 2018

As Melissa Boughton reported yesterday in the post immediately below, Gov. Roy Cooper has told the General Assembly to fix the election law bill they sent to him last week to remove a provision that would add a new level of secrecy to Board of Elections investigations. Legislative Republicans — particularly Sen. Phil Berger — […]