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Judges block law that strips governor’s power to make Elections Board appointments

BY: - November 30, 2023

A three-judge panel on Thursday unanimously blocked Republicans’ efforts to strip Gov. Roy Cooper’s power to make appointments to the State Board of Elections. The preliminary injunction temporarily blocks one of Republicans’ attempts to overhaul elections ahead of the 2024 election, in which voters will choose a new governor and help determine which party wins […]

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Monday numbers: NC voter rolls look different than they did eight years ago

BY: - November 13, 2023

The latest data show that North Carolina’s voter rolls continue to grow at a steady pace. However, because a growing number of voters do not designate their race, in some ways we know less about today’s voters than in the past. Overall, the state has seen a net increase of almost 1 million voters since October 2015. […]

NC House Elections and Campaign Finance Reform committee members

NC House okays GOP bills to alter election board appointments, open voting records

BY: - September 20, 2023

The state House voted along party lines Tuesday on a Republican plan to give legislators more control over elections.  The governor would be stripped of the power to appoint members of the state Board of Elections. Legislators would select all members of state and local elections boards, with Republican and Democratic leaders appointing equal numbers.  […]

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State to give IDs to certain prisoners going home, which they can use to vote

BY: - August 18, 2023

North Carolina’s Department of Adult Correction has partnered with the Department of Motor Vehicles to give IDs to certain people when they leave prison — cards they could use to vote in upcoming elections, per the state’s voter ID law that was deemed constitutional by the North Carolina Supreme Court earlier this year. The prison […]

Got something to say about voter ID? Two dates you need to know.

BY: - June 19, 2023

Starting as early as this fall, North Carolina voters will be asked to show a photo ID when casting their ballot. But rules surrounding the proposed photo ID requirement and how it will be implemented by county boards of elections will be discussed during a virtual public hearing today. The virtual hearing gets underway at […]

State officials move to curb another dangerous virus that threatens North Carolina

BY: - August 16, 2022

As the global pandemic has reminded us with tragic ferocity in recent years, viruses can, despite our best efforts, be enormously destructive and hard to contain – especially as our world has grown ever-more-crowded and interconnected.     And sadly, that goes not just for physical viruses like COVID-19, but viruses of the mind as well. In the era of instant global communication, it’s easier than ever for ideas – even delusional lies and fantasies – to spread like wildfire and do enormous damage before they are exposed and debunked.

State elections board rejects NC GOP signature matching request for absentee ballots 

BY: - July 15, 2022

The NC Board of Elections, in a 3-2 party line vote, rejected state Republicans’ request for signature verification on absentee ballots.   Republicans wanted local elections officials to be able to compare voters’ signatures on their registration cards against signatures on requests for absentee ballots and on the returned ballots. 

The NC GOP’s copycat crusade against voting rights continues

BY: - June 21, 2022

It’s a familiar childhood scene – perhaps even from your own. A group of cool, older kids engages in some kind of rebellious action or expresses a shared opinion on an issue of perceived import and soon thereafter, a younger sibling or friend, trying hard to keep up, attempts to mimic their behavior or statements. The younger kid never gets it quite right, or often, even fully grasps the substance of the subject matter, and their behavior will likely be barely acknowledged by the older ones...

State Board of Elections will rule on GOP request for signature checks on mail-in ballot requests

BY: - June 17, 2022

Proponents tout election security, but opponents say signatures change and predict significant voter disenfranchisement The North Carolina Republican Party wants local county elections officials to set aside requests for absentee ballots and double-check the mail-in ballots themselves based on whether they think voter signatures match.

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Another Election Day that most North Carolinians will sit out

BY: - May 17, 2022

Today is primary Election Day in North Carolina. Across our state, voters will make scores of important decisions about the future of our democracy. In many places, Democrats and Republicans will select the two finalists in a host of key contests – from the United States Senate to the state legislature to the state courts. In many others, where one party or the other dominates, today’s vote will effectively decide the outcome of the election.

Monday numbers: A closer look at the counties where unaffiliated voters top Democrats and Republicans

BY: - March 28, 2022

North Carolina marked a major milestone last week. Unaffiliated voters surpassed Democrats and Republicans as North Carolina's largest group of voters. Independent now make up 34.6% (2,503,997 ) of North Carolina's registered voters. That edges out Democrats at 34.5% (2,496,434) and Republican at 30.3% (2,192,073). Libertarians (48,654) make up 0.7% of the state's voters.